August 9th - Private or Semi Private Session (Available)


August 9th - Private or Semi Private Session (Available)

from 485.00


This type of workshop tour is offered in lengths of 2-5 days. You can book the number of days you’d like for a minimum of two. The itinerary is customized depending of the customer’s interests (photography only, photography and hiking, night photography only, etc.) The locations are discussed before the booking.

People who attend this workshop do not need to know their manual mode as a class explaining it can be given at the beginning of the tour.

Included in Private and Semi-Private:

- Custom itinerary

- Private photography classes (1-3 per day)

- Private guiding to locations 

- Post-processing class on Lightroom and personal processing techniques (when applicable)

- Tips and tricks for Instagram

- My personal Lightroom preset package (value of 35$)


Not included in Private and Semi-Private: 

- Meals and snacks

- Accommodation and transportation

- Tickets and park entrance fees

- All other costs


Cost : (total cost per day, NOT per person)


Private (1-2 people) : 485$ per day

Semi-Private (3-4 people) : 715$ per day


Additional charges apply for fuel depending on the chosen itinerary.

To book private or semi-private workshop and to discuss about a custom itinerary, please contact

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