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November 2018 : Iceland

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Customer reviews

Whether you’re looking to widen your skillset, or are transitioning from portrait to landscape, or both (like I was) - a workshop with Cath is absolutely crucial to your growth. Before attending Cath’s workshop, I carried around top of the line Canon gear, edited through Lightroom, but was unaware of the majority of its features (I was basically baking cake out-of-the-box with a state of the art oven). I only knew enough to create decent photos for portrait family and food photography, and what Cath showed me in both areas (all the features that can be harnessed and adjusted before the capture, and the tools that can be used to enhance the photo afterwards) BLEW. MY. MIND. When I transitioned into landscape photography, I struggled with recreating the beautiful memories of moments I tried my best to capture. I would see the end result of my work, compare it with that of another photographers and wonder how theirs could look so much more like how I remembered it. Cath showed me in order to achieve that, I had to slow down and understand all the ingredients that go into a photo. She showed me how they can be finely tweaked to hit the perfect balance I was looking for, and with those skills - she ultimately gave me the freedom to recreate and communicate a memory of a moment in my mind. It felt like I went from finger-painting with primary colors to acrylic-painting from the full RGBA spectrum. All of the tools she revealed to me made me wonder about all the possibilities and ultimately reignited my passion for photography, and telling stories without words. There’s a very visible difference in the photos I took before and after my time with Cath in Banff, and the proof of the knowledge I acquired during the workshop is in my gallery. I’m excited for anyone looking to have the same experience as I had, because it ultimately enabled me to discover my personal style in photography. That, in itself is something incredibly invaluable to any photographer looking to make a mark in the industry; and I’d recommend immersing yourself in Cath’s perspective for a day or two to any photographer looking to elevate their craft.
— Jennie Tai
Chilly morning of July. Surrounded by emerald trees and mirror-like river kissed by a mesmerizing fog. That day I had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Cath for the first time, where we were about to capture all the beauty of Jacques-Cartier National Park. At sunrise I was ready for twelve hours of learning the skills for landscape photography, but I could never guess I would learn so much more than that. Cath’s open-mindness, patience and genuine kindness felt to me like I was learning from a friend’s experiences. She was like a big sister I could look up to. The time of our four hours hike flowed as quickly as the water in the river, as I was litteraly asking her every single questions that came to my mind at any time. She taught me so much about of course the art of photography, but also about the business and legal sides of it. She shared with me incredible stories about the relationships your create along the way, when you follow your intuitions. That is the school of life. For the first time, pursuing my calling for something I love wholeheartedly doesn’t seem so unattainable. How to become a successful professional photographer doesn’t look like the biggest mystery anymore; she helped me figure out exactly what are the next steps for me, and I feel like I gained a brand new focus to work on my unique style of art.

Thank you Cath, I am so grateful for the precious time we spent together.
— Cassandra Rivest
Bokeh” (pronounced Bouquet) makes us focus our attention on the subject matter that is right in front of us. This is one of many photo styles I learned in Quebec with the inspiring, super talented and gracious Catherine Simard. She is a natural at teaching photography and has the patience too. I was a beginner and by the end of the day, I quickly learned the basics and felt more confident using the camera. Thanks to Cath! Definitely a lifetime memory for sure and some awesome photos to take away
— Deb Shufelt